Male and Female Chewing

Male and Female Chewing
As much as we would like for women and men to be equal in every way, there are certain biological differences that are clearly due to gender. One such difference is muscle strength. Studies like "Gender differences in strength and muscle fiber characteristics" show that men are almost twice as strong as women.

The difference is not really that big when it comes to the mastication muscles, but it is notable. "Age and gender influence on maximal bite force and masticatory muscles thickness." reveals that men have 25-30 percent greater chewing power than women, regardless of age. This means that they need a harder chewing resistance to achieve the same training effect.
CHUMI is a discreet chewing gum, made to be used in public. It has great benefits as the muscles get toned after just minutes of chewing. For most women, elderly and children, the chewing resistance is just perfect and they can be used over and over many times without breaking. We created CHUMI because there were no good options for women and men in all ages who like to chew but don't want to risk overexertion.

However, men who want a really hard chewing resistance should not buy CHUMI. Instead, we recommend "CHEW PEER LARGE hard", which may be the toughest jaw trainer on the market. It is made of the same nice and clean silicone as CHUMI. There are also tryout products on JAWPEER if you don't know what fits you specific need.