Natural beauty habits

Smiling faces, made by DALL-E 240610

The secret of natural beauty is that the skin of the face is connected to the muscles. Facial muscles shaped by training and emotions determine your appearance. To look good, you should practice chewing and keep your spirits up! The face look is surprisingly easy to influence, especially while growing up. Natural beauty results from wholesome food, more chewing, better sleep and healthier habits.

Research has shown that people with natural beauty have better incomes, are healthier and live longer. Attractive people simply do better in life and we know what makes faces attractive: High cheeks, straight teeth, wide smile, marked jawline and symmetrical face shape are some characteristics. What many do not know is that natural beauty can be trained easily and smoothly. Chew silicone gum for a few minutes a day to exercise your facial muscles. CHUMI increases the blood supply to the face and skin. By great chewing resistance, the teeth strengthens and line up in an even row. In addition to chewing hard, keep your mouth closed when you don't smile and breathe through your nose, even when you sleep.

Smiling with the eyes and mouth at the same time activates most of the muscles that make the face attractive. Emotions stick to the face, so smile often. Avoid strong sun and wind or use hat or umbrella. Dry and damaged skin can be partially repaired by applying yogurt and lemon mix, but it's better to never damage the skin. If you already do all of this you probably have a natural beauty. Otherwise, it is advisable to change a habit; for example by chewing hard. Sadly, ordinary chewing gum don't give enough resistance.